Monday, 31 August 2009

Indy Mile update

Rossi was supposed to ride but decided the night belonged to Roberts. I reckon he'll have a bit of practice and come back to put a real show on.

I'm a huge fan of blogs. I've found some great stuff that magazines just aren't publishing and few of the magazine staff are checking them out for leads or inspiration. Blogs are going to take over the world. Anyway, I say this because I turned on my computer this morning and we had a mail from Uncle John of Team Tenacious sending a bunch of images and this message.

Team Tenacious does the Indy Mile
Colin Heggarty running the Team Tenacious / Inglis Cycle / Kawasaki ended up 10th, the highest finishing Kawasaki in the Pro Singles event. Some of the folks representing Canada included Steve Ball and Mike Labelle running the Pro Singles and Don Taylor # 53 GN Twins, current Canadian Champion.
It was a busy day for all as that Indiana dirt gets everywhere and its a chore keeping up between races.
As everyone knows Kenny Roberts rode the TZ750 and maybe not as well known, Ben Bostrom took a spin after most of the crowd went home.
Cheers, Uncle John.

What synergy... we've got a big feature on the Bostroms going in issue 4. I bet Eric is gutted he didn't get to ride there.
So, I had a surf and found this good report on Superbike Planet. Now, blogs are good because we can link to sites that commercial sites would think of as competitors.

Finally, Giannis of the excellent Speed Junkies blog sent us a list of amateur footage of the Roberts' flying lap on the TZ.
clip 1
clip 2
clip 3
clip 4
clip 5
Yep, blogs rule.

Nicky had a good Sunday. I wonder if he'll ever race dirt track professionally again.

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tiptopdadddy said...

I was parked maybe 100 ft. from that last pic. I saw those cats walking around. Small world.