Friday, 18 June 2010

Ducati 999 Beach Racer

Via Capt Simo and Blair. Absolutely fantastic. Anyone know what those tyres are?

Ducati 999 Testastretta Beach Racer. If 220 kph on the beach sounds good, then this Ducati 999 is for you. Modifications include fully adjustable Nemesis race ECU, custom wiring loom, waterproof front-mounted ECU and battery case, custom race exhaust, rear wheel modified for 150 section 17" knobbly, crash bars/rad protectors, mx top clamp and bars and quick action throttle. Dyno-tuned by Triple Z Motorcycles. Ready for a booming ride down your favorite beach, or to attempt a beach speed record.

Just $12000 for an absolutely unique machine.

For sale at Trade Me New Zealand


Austin said...

looks like they've stuck a rear tyre on the front which is useless for beach racing (if their beach racing is in an oval like mablethorpe?). seen many people try it at mablethorpe and it never works cos you can't get it turned in sharp enough without the front washing out

KrookStreetRacing said...

Brutal. 220 clicks on sand? I think I'll leave that for the pros.

The bike reminds me of the final motorcycle chase scene in Mission impossible II where they use Triumph Speed Triples shod with knobbly tires (mixed in with some scenes where they use road tires...).


Dan said...

it's a bit saudi prince, innit?
'get me another - this one's dirty and the ashtray's full'

Corra said...

totally crazy and totally cool!! = )

Anonymous said...

QA throttle, ave a word wi urself boy!!.

Griff said...

I didn't think beach racers bothered with brakes.Pretty cool though,999's can be had for sensible money too.
Mmmm wheres the ads out of the comic !