Monday, 27 September 2010

David Aldana to race in England

Just had some fantastic news from Boastie. David Aldana is coming to the UK in 2011 as a guest of honour of Short Track UK.
Lots of details need to be ironed out, but we're confident enough that it's going to happen that we want to start the buzz. We don't know dates or venues, but it'll be at the beginning of the 2011 season. These are all possibles/probables.

A David Aldana Sideburn night, like the Chris Carr night.
David Aldana FT Experience school before the race weekend
David doing demo laps/racing (he wants to race!)

More details as things get set. G


dave skooter farm said...

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones.....holy crap, this is great news!!!

Anthony Brown said...

Thats neat

Well done pete!

Anonymous said...

Cool !!

Should generate lots of interest from Triumph/BSA/Norton & classic bike fans. Can't wait


Anonymous said...

mega news!.
another megastar comin over here to promote our sport.
we are honoured.
would love to hear some of his stories aswell!.

Nick said...

He was great, when he came to Beezumph a couple of years ago, and he's married to a west county girl so well use to this country and it's foibles

McQmoto said...

That's brilliant news!

I know if he goes near by Beesa he'll thrash it - but what fun!

I'll have to make sure the gas taps aren't leaking and it's in top shape...