Saturday, 13 November 2010

Brandon's metalwork

National number 44, Brandon Robinson will always have a special place in Sideburn's heart. Brandon came to race in the UK with his mum and dad when he was still 16. He impressed everyone. We put him in Sideburn 1 and were well pleased when he made the main in a national at his very first attempt. We kept an eye on him and then heard of the horror crash he had at Indy back in 2009. Brandon got in touch back in August. I meant to blog it, but forgot, so here it is now.

'Thought you guys would enjoy seeing a picture of my xray of my hip/pelvis. The xray is a recent one taken 07/13/10.. nearly a year after the indy accident.
I feel pretty good. Obviously I will physically never be the same, but I feel I'm in as good as shape as I can be. I can go a full twenty five lap national and not get tired. My speed is pretty good. I just have to up it a little bit to take it to the next level for some top fives. I feel like I'm on the verge! I skipped out on both Daytona's because I wasn't physically ready and Springfield TT because I can't do jumps with my leg

To see the crash go to this post to see the VBS Americana Video that top photographer and Sideburn contributor Adam Wright was involved with.


Tim White said...

I saw him go over the wall. It's not something I'll forget.

Diplomate said...

be careful where you take him if he's over here again soon - scrap metal prices are going through the roof again and some peoploe just don't care !