Friday 26 November 2010

Fred's Pie Stall

From our friend Simon, who has lived at least four lives already. He has been/or still is a merchant seaman, ship captain, tour manager for world famous bands, record label owner, Ducati obsessive, father, husband. All that and he still wishes he could be a Wrench Monkee.

The photos of you wearing masks in Milan reminded me of the early-mid 90's when I managed (????) the arts performance group/punk band "F" (while Oasis did their demo downstairs). Ask Ben about John F, they where at liverpool arts college together. John was a holographer, well still is, but did all sorts of design work (anarchy advertising) and used to do the stage design and lights for the Bunnymen...well also any arts type events.
This was the revenge of the CLONES a bunch of them parading around Liverpool dressed as such. The Fred's Pie stall was Jake (ex-Bunnymen), Tim Whittaker, ex-Deaf School and painter) and Damon (ex-Bunnyman drummer now Massive Attack fellow), all living in same flat... Fred's pie stall was a controversial stand as it had no pies or anything at all except a selection of hip flasks and disgruntled customers drawn by the queues of clones awaiting non-existant pies.
We also did the mobile auto mission where we had a limousine with John and Karen in rubber bondage gear and motorcycle outriders and cavalcade parading through Saturday rush-hour liverpool. Kids where running out shouting 'Whose tha? Is it madonna?' Caused chaos, traffic jams eventually the Police pitched up and had a huge showdown while Kev the onboard solicitor negotiated on behalf of Arts Council, I snapped away and eventually we ended up with a real Police Escort with blue lights cars and bikes to fukk us off.......
All in all F was as described by my old mate Dave Balfe (teardrops, blur, Sony etc...) as a Vanity Project...a crap ensemble producing crap which because we were slightly pissed occasionally thought was really cool and avant garde......all in all along with my very own recrod label STIKKI Label a very successsful money pit which produced some of the finest landfill and cases of energy/oxygen wasting. We probably caused global warming due to the amount of hot air produced....I still have some lovely flyers and suspect the stacks of CD's still support the wonky table back in the rat infested warehouse on Dock Road Liverpool 7
ahh the joys of youth
crap photos by simon mills

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Stuka said...

Fantastic...Simon me tinks a book is in order..!! Nice talking to ya in wigan :)