Saturday, 12 March 2011

Daytona: Sammy's on fire

Jake Johnson, Sammy Halbert, Johnny Lewis
Sammy and Jake.
Jake and Sammy.
Look how hot Johnny Lewis (#10) is going in.
Lewis styling in front of Henry Wiles and Brad Baker.
Brad Baker, Sammy, Johnny Lewis (looks like he's had enough of second place already)

Mees, Baker, Carr, Lewis, Johnson, Halbert.
Pro Singles cruncher
Coolbeth on a Kawasaki
The mighty Sammy Halbert took back to back wins at Daytona on Thursday and Friday night. Johnny Lewis (10, not dressed as the Cookie Monster this time) and Jake Johnson (the current #1) were second and third on Thursday. Sammy also won the Dash for Cash and Mikey Avila won the Pro Singles.
On Friday night Johnny Lewis was again second while Brad Baker was third. Gerit Calles triumphed in the Pro Singles and, yup, Sammy won the Dash for Cash.
Read Sammy's short track riding tips, exclusive to Sideburn, in issue 6.
Next up is Du Quoin in Mid-April. Though the UK Short Track is at Scunthorpe in the meantime. Oh, yes. GI
Photos: AMA Pro Racing.


Nick said...

Looks good and tight, Sammy on Fire, Wow

Unknown said...

Isn't that a great picture of Kenny Coolbeth on his Kawi?