Monday 28 March 2011

Scunthorpe Report

First race of the UK season and first round of the new Clubman's Championship (just turn up and pay on the day). There was a massive entry. Over 20 Thunderbikes, over 20 Pro plate holders and over 20 R plates, plus three different classes of Juniors and the minibikes.
Above is Paul Sheldon's LC4 KTM that gets prettier every season.
Team Suzuki looked very professional. Boastie and Tim Neave in new Spada leathers.
Jacapo's old Husky, now with Adam Waller, looks great in its new colours, but a fuel tap problem meant it didn't run well.
On the other hand, Wayne Drake's CCM Rotax looks as rough as a bear turd, but flies with him on board. The fuel filler is an old drink bottle top grafted into an SR tank.
Scottie was my rider of the day. He won a Thunderbike heat, then won the B final and on a bike he built the frame for himself. He celebrated by standing on the seat and jumping up and down on the slowdown lap.
Wilky and Steve Red Max were wrestling their XR750s, but struggling for grip. Heroes.
Wilky XR.
Geoff Co-Built didn't have his new chassis finished, so he borrowed Wilky's Skooter Farm Rotax framer and won a heat by a mile. I've never seen a racer look behind so much.

Ronald from Holland turned up on his Co-Built, rode well and had a blast
It's great to look around the pits and see Sideburn T-shirts and stickers all over the place.
Zombie Power. I came second in the Thunderbike A final and third overall (because all the day's results were added up). Steve Coles won, Drakey was second. Sorry, I was too excited to see who won any of the other classes, but the results will be up on Short Track UK soon.

I sent my brother (who races an Alfa and regularly wins trophies) the podium photo. He asked 'How come you are the only one who looks like a teddy bear and not an axe murderer?' I don't know how to take that. GI


Anthony Brown said...

Nice work Gary. You were on fire yesterday! said...

Looks like fun!

Diplomate said...

G - was your bro able to offer any advice on holding a dainty trophy. Surely the big concern would be around whether to point the little finger or not. Your expression shows signs of having done a quick trophy size comparison and the realisation that size does matter. MORE SMILES !

Anonymous said...

i dont know how to take that either!!.
and as for calling drakeys bike a bear turd!!.
god help you next time he lines up on the grid behind ya!!!!.
mega day out.

Anonymous said...

p.s, ben where were ya!.

Sideburn Magazine said...

my heart bleeds Stevie.
Other commitments.
I do hope to roll out my own bear turd later in the season.

Drakey72 said...

Not to worry Gary if I'm behind you I won't be able to catch u as u've proven! ! Great racing looking forward to rye house, won't be polishing the turd but hopefully will go like shit off a shovel!

Anonymous said...

maybe we can start a gang. the shit shovellers!!.

Nick said...

Great to see the bikes looking like flat trackers and not MX bikes with 19' wheels on

Paul said...

Fantastic result Gary! Well done!

Mick P said...

Great work, all, and special congrats to GI. And there, in the last shot, is Boastie doing his famous chicken impression.

streetracker said...

Bravo GI!