Thursday, 27 November 2014

When You Dead You Dead

So says Waldemars Kidals. That saying (and Sideburn 18) inspired Rufus Day to make this funny, little animation. Thanks Rufus! Owners of Sideburn 18 will know the significance of the saying.

Rufus says…

Works been a bit slow recently and Ive been enjoying my Sideburn no.18 so much I decided to make a little video- hope you like it. 

I'm an Illustrator but I make some short videos too- here is my blog and vimeo page. 
Rufus Day vimeo

I've spent the last few years tinkering with a Puch moped but I thought I'd show you my latest project - a rusty Citroen Acadiane van (just enough space for a chicken chaser in the back).


Mick P said...

It's a killer issue!

Nick said...

Love the van, had 2CV van some time ago, left hooker, and it would take an incredible amount of stuff in the back and it was fantastic green laneing before all the restrictions were put on track, would love another one, it was as cheap as chips to run