Friday, 7 November 2014

Why 15?

A great story from Jan-Willem of the Dutch Brothers Racing - just about the most enthusiastic dirt tracker in the whole of Europe - about why he rides with number 15 on his bikes.

When I was 8, my dad took me riding in Nivelles. 
I had a little Montesa Cota 25 automatic. That day he let me try his Cota 348 with 6 gears. this was the first time I rode with gears. The bike was way too high for me so he had to launch me and catch me when I wanted to stop. 

Nivelles is a place in Belgium where there was a big motodrome. That same day was a karting championship race. There was one driver who used a different racing line and was really quick. He was wearing number 15 and inspired me. From then I used number 15. I found a picture, perhaps you recognize him.

Below is Jan-Willem powering out of a corner on his Harley XR1000 framer - that's his brother Mick, 16, behind him. Below that, crossing the line at a DTRA heat on his Rotax, under the lights at King's Lynn this year.

And this is a shot Ben made for Sideburn #1, of Jan-Willem on his Mule-built KTM DTMX at Lelystad speedway track. Note the dainty footwork.


Unknown said...

Senna !

Anthony Brown said...

JW is an inspirational guy and he builds a mean bike too!

JamesJ said...

Did I see him fly past Frank Chatokhine on that Astro in the vintage class at Dirtquake (before seizing his engine) or was it a dream?