Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year

And  so another year of Sideburn has passed. It's been superb bringing it to you. No, really. It just flows out of us, no effort required. If you like this blog, which is updated at least once every single day, maybe you should try the magazine. And please be assured that we wipe off all traces of blood-splatter and eyeball before it goes in the post.
Thanks to everyone who's supported us over the past year and beyond. Long live the Independents! MP


Anonymous said...

It's for us to thank YOU...Gary, Ben & Mick for the wonderful world of SIDEBURN.
You've got it right, please doing what you do.
Never a day goes by without me checking this blog - I'm sure I'm not alone.

m. said...

Thanks a million for making the best blog out there and a great mag too, happy New Years!!

101 said...

agree with the above! Thanks Guys

Vir Nakai said...

Brilliant. Don't stop.

The Jerkyls said...

Many many thanks. From the bottom of my steel shoe to the top of the Atlas Mountains.
Your the true glue you 2 'Oh Sideburn we love you' may your fingers bleed eternal