Wednesday, 6 January 2016

W and W Cycles Ice Drag Racing

I'm getting pretty excited about Snow Quake and searching around the internet for other ice racing shenanigans. I remembered this adventure that Dirt Quake sponsors, W and W Cycles of Germany went on a few years ago.

The race is in Sweden in February, on a frozen lake. Thomas Wiegl, who is the only person, other than Ben, to race at Dirt Quake UK and USA in the same year.

Thomas raced the Big Boar, a modified Sportster.

From a distance, a frozen lake looks like the ideal track – no bumps, no holes. But, the reality is different. When we watched others go down the track we were kinda puzzled by the engines periodically over-revving. Out there, we quickly find out what’s happening. The surface is undulating to the point that vehicles just lose traction as they partially lift off. Plus, the spikes are following every crack, track or step in the ice. Trust your bike in moments like this, keep open that throttle, keep your eye on the part of the track where you want to be and hope for the best.

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