Sunday, 18 March 2012

Custom Bike Trackday

Dutch from The Bike Shed (that's him above, on the black SportClassic) sent this and asked us to pass the message on...

BSMC Cafe/Retro Trackday
Taking your bike on a track day is not only an awesome day out with your mates, it's also one of the best ways to really bond with your bike. Hitting the same corners over and over again, braking later, improving your lines, with sticky tarmac, loads of runoff and everyone going in the same direction is a priceless experience - in the safest environment to ride your bike hard.

When the subject comes up, I'm always blown away how many people assume they're likely to crash on a track day. Sure,
one or two people usually crash on every track day (you can usually spot them in the morning briefing), but usually because they are riding faster than they should or showing off.

If you're biking pride and joy is a flat tracker, cafe racer, scrabbler or bobber then joining a group of riders on 180mph race reps probably seems even more intimidating, and having been in a small group of retro cafe racers on an open track day we certainly got some looks (mostly wondering how the hell we passed them on the brakes into Druids) - but it also occurred to us that it would have been an even better day out if we had the track to ourselves, or at least were in the majority or had our own cafe/retro session… So that's exactly what we plan to do...

If you fancy taking your flat tracker, cafe racer, bobber, scrambler or whatever around a track like Brands Hatch or Mallory this summer, in good, like-minded company, then register your interest at The Bike Shed and depending on numbers we'll pool our buying power to either get our own sessions on an open track day, or better still, have a track day all to ourselves.

Leaning hard, picking fast, smooth lines, and pushing your rpm towards the redline is what your bike was built for. Get on it, and do it in good safe company with BSMC.


Milo said...

what about noise restrictions?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hi Milo, you're better off asking at the Bike Shed. This isn't our gig, we're just spreading the word.