Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rust Quake

Finally repatriated my XS from my Mum's pigeon coop so as to get it ready to 'race' in the DIRT QUAKE chopper class. It hasn't run for, what 9, maybe 12 years. I'm praying it won't demand a total rebuild to revive it. We've stipulated regs' that chops do not have to have a road legal MOT, but otherwise be in a safe, decent working order, and not excessively covered in pigeon shit.
Once again the Multi-Spaz devoured all - this time including Mrs and 2 kids.It's not like there's a tree growing out of it or anything. BP


Paul said...

Cool chop! Can't wait to see it going sideeeways!

Anders said...

What's the Swedish connection?

Nick said...

Future racer? good education with Dad and his bikes

Sideburn Magazine said...

the Ⓢ sticker is a nod to the inspirational Swedish long fork crazies.
I once got tugged by the police in London who presumed I was a Swede. So I decided to play along in my best Muppet Show Swedish chef accent. They were none the wiser. BP

User.One said...

Spaz On Brother!!

23bricks said...

chopper race lets in bikes trailered to the event?
surely not
or am I just mis reading your post?

Sideburn Magazine said...

It's still a chopper however it arrives at the track. So yes, it's in. But are you?

Sideburn Magazine said...

- but preferably not 'trailer queens'. And you do get extra cool points for arriving with flies in your teeth and fused vertebra.

Anonymous said...

i think im feeling the chopper vibe.
everyone should own one once in their life. i think my times comin!!.

23bricks said...

Not on my knuck though ... Too much to do this summer to wreck it in May.
Milo is representing the family, I'm pit bitch. Unless of course red marley does him in and then I'm up to bat.

Sideburn Magazine said...

- Mr 23B'
what about your purple hairdresser hopper?
The perfect sports bike for such an event.