Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fat Fighters

Desperate Dan's chromed (now rusty) steel forward-controls = 1.75kg.
Tarozzi cast aluminium rear-sets = 0.91kg.
Thats nearly half the calories!
Pre-internet as I only had early '90s copies of Back Street Heroes, and Iron Horse to go by, it was inevitable that my chop had forward controls. But now having immersed my brain in Yokohama ether (thanks to the internet), I've gone off the stretched Swedish look, and lean more toward the stubby Brat Style, which favors racey 'mids' over, wind up your bell-bottoms, forward-controls.
But alas because of the 2-into-1 slash-cut exhaust already fitted (and I want to keep), there is basically no longer room for a peg mount in the more traditional position. The width of the forward-control mounts was very wide, so I've cut-them down, and with the Tarozzis I had kicking around as spares for my Guzzi it will be a little less heavy metal. BP


brembo said...


check this Ben. Not impossible to solve the forward control problem and keep the exhausts. Really like the stance of this bike. Dislike the headlights and seat though.

Remember sitting on the back of the banana seat. Comfort nah....built for speed that is...

Greetings Brembo

Harley said...

I'm not suggesting that the good ship XS will hit the deck but, if it did, I imagine the Desperate Dan items might withstand the impact better than their Italian counterparts.

Sideburn Magazine said...

- Hi Brembo
the way a frame bracket has to loop under and around that 2-1 makes it as wide as my original forward-controls. And in my opinion, obtrusive.

- Harley
thats very true - and I am expecting to deck it!
But now the over-all peg width is 9.5cm narrower; which is a lot, so the Italians are less likely to get snagged.

Harley said...

Ben, I am truly in awe of your confidence that, once the XS starts sliding, the available angle of lean will mean the difference between glory and disaster!

Sideburn Magazine said...

- Harley,
I'm not promising sliding.
Riding around and around in circles waving at the crowd maybe. Full-lock styling beggars belief.