Monday, 2 April 2012

Cafe Racer Street

Another great special issue from Bertrand and his Cafe Racer team in Paris. This one includes loads of reports by Dimitri Coste, including one on Mule that I wrote.
The French Cafe Racer is the original cafe racer magazine, it's been going (though with different owners) since the early 1990s and kicks the arse of the American one - it's just a struggle from non-French (or some Canadians) to read.
Bertrand is the editor and owner - that is something special for a bi-monthly newsstand magazine. He is a real inspiration, great to deal and a gentleman.
If you're not in France The Magazine Man stocks Cafe Racer and its specials, and has this in stock.
Cafe Racer are also involved with this event in Dieppe (below). GI


Nick said...

Another great French poster

Capion mc said...

Thanks for the heads up on cafra hors series. I try to pick up a copy when I can. I enjoyed your article on Mr Pollock.
Thanks to Sideburn flat track is starting to show signs of life over here in France! Which has to be a good thing.
Keep on doing what you do.


Capion mc said...

If you can get the rights to publish and sell the Dieppe poster, I will buy one.