Wednesday, 18 April 2012

One Creative MoFo

This is Stevie Gee. The last time we saw him, he was bleeding all over Rollerburn. Ignore the fact he's doing some crazy hand sign, it's probably all his paw can do after slicing through his tendon. All you need to know is, he is a creative IED of goodness.
His sunny view on life is summed up beautifully by this tidy online interview at Department of Awesome. I found it via Deus Ex Machina's facebook. Who knew facebook was useful for anything? News to me.

Stevie is threatening to bring three generations of Gee to Dirt Quake.
Visit the Stevie Gee tumblr. G


Kirk said...

That's a tidy looking board too, I'd guess around 6'4" to 6'8", nice pintailed single with a bit of thickness and some hard rails. It'd be fast down the line but a bit squirrely in the turns, you'd want it on a rail at speed and be prepared for some commitment- definitely not a surfboard for the meek or cautious gent really, which seems fitting. Make him do another shirt for you.

Captain Highside said...

Not too sure 'bout that Kirk. Got some hard rails goin' on there but I'm guessin' a nice twin fish for some nice soul cruisin'?

Kirk said...

That would be equally nice and functional- I was guessing based on a photo of a board in the Deus shop- they do some very tidy work in Bali, both foam and metal.