Tuesday, 24 April 2012


The very wonderful Riders magazine from Italy are coming to race their concept bike Spillo, at Dirt Quake. The fella in this film - who seems to be happier pushing it than riding the bike - isn't racing it, but the editor Roberto Ungaro is, and he's a dirt demon.
Spillo means pin. A spillo heel on a shoe is what the English call a stiletto.
Officine Mermaid build this bike out of an old Honda single and our old mate Alberto Narduzzi made the film. G

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Harley said...

You've got to love the Italian mentality:

1 - quick photo shoot in the rain with steamed up glasses, no front mudguard, comedy tyres, soggy jeans and a "challenging" riding position.

2 - somehow strap the bike to the roof of a car (literally) when it would have probably fitted inside - but of course no-one would have seen it then.