Friday, 14 December 2012

Brown Laning

(not prison slang). 3º out on the Marlborough Downs with three friends. Jason on his pristine Ducati 450 scrambler that he raced in the street tracker class at Dirt Quake - most people with a vehicle in this condition would not offer it to the twin gods of Caca and Risk on a frozen muddy December, Anthony Co-Built on his Yamaha YZ350, me on a YZ450 borrowed from Geoff Co-Built. Every November I'm convinced that I am a bear that shouldn't be woken from hibernation until April, but then I'd miss out on this. Humans have more fun. BP
Not the expression you would expect from someone who has just done a face-plant on slimey chalk, and broken his front mudguard in half - unless that man is called Jason smiley bear.


Guy@GK said...

I would love to try that.

Nick said...

MUST get the B44 finished, so little to do, it's criminal