Monday, 31 December 2012

Sideburn: 2012 Report

In 2012 Sideburn...
  • We made three issues of the magazine (with four different covers).
  • Increased the physical size of the magazine.
  • Gained some high quality new stockists in Europe, Australia, North America and South Africa (we always need more).
  • Didn't buy anything Chinese unless there was no choice.
  • Supported the indie press by selling other people's 'zines and promoting other mags when we could.
  • Had a special 16-page section in Dice magazine (#44).
  • Organised Dirt Quake.
  • Attended the Verona Show and had a great party with Mr Martini.
  • Had launch parties in Liverpool, Kiddo in Barcelona and Edwin, London.
  • Got the Royal Enfield project bike properly finished, rode it and raced it.
  • Made 780 blog posts (more than last year despite an effort to take it easy).
  • Expanded our social network marketing into both Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Raced at many of UK Short Track's meetings.
  • Supported both up and coming and long-established artists and photographers with commissions and fees.
  • Had a great couple of films made by Patteran to promote Dirt Quake.
  • Printed a bunch of different T-shirt designs and gave away a lot of free stickers.
  • Supported Oil Stained Brain, Melbourne, and Suit Ride, London.
  • Collaborated with Death Spray Custom to produce a special ten-page section & sticker for SB12.
  • Attended a few shows in the UK, one in Italy and the excellent Wheels and Waves, Biarritz.

Out of all the things we hoped to do at this time last year, we failed with just one, to get to Finland.
Thanks for all your support. If you like the blog, but don't buy the magazine, please do something about it. This isn't a blog that just steals photos from other blogs (though we do sometimes), we try to serve up original stuff to amuse and interest and inspire, but mainly it's only here to promote the magazine. Those hundred pages, every four months, are what it's all about for us.

For 2013 we plan to...

  • Attend our first US show, The One Motorcycle Show, Portland.
  • Hold great launches at companies that support Sideburn.
  • Sponsor the UK Dirt Track Riders Association race series.
  • Attend the Motor Bike Expo, Verona (with Mr Martini).
  • Make Dirt Quake 2 a day to remember.
  • Make three great magazines using a mixture of complete amateurs and the best in the business.
  • Post at least one blog every day.
  • Support people who are trying to make the UK motorcycle scene more interesting - whether they bike builders, shops, event organisers or anything else.
Happy new year to all of you. Have fun in 2013. Stay safe. 
Gary, Ben, Mick and Dave


rustyli150 said...

Good work fellas!

Rusty Nail Racing said...

EXELLENT! Happy New Year to Sideburn

dave skooter farm said...

Same to you with Knobs on! H-N-Y!

Hot Shoe said...

Thanks Gary, Ben, Mick and Dave. It's been a great ride.

BlackCountryBiker said...

... and what a rather nice year 2012 has been. I'm looking forward to another year of exciting literature and art from my favourite magazine and blog, plus lots of motorcycles continually turning left again. Happy New Year to the Sideburn chaps...

Mick P said...

It's been great. Thanks to all who get involved, in whatever way. Manly motorcycle-style love to all.


Well done! Look forward to follow you in 2013

bikegrim said...

Well done fellas Happy New year. See you in 2013

Nick said...

When did you get time to breath let alone work, Health, Happiness, and Prosperity, to you all

747 said...

Cheers blokies!

Hairy Larry said...

Keep up the good work, hope to see you in Oregon. Happy New Year!

OILY RAG said...

I've been riding bikes longer than some and less than others. I've spanner'd in dealerships and fallen asleep on top of tents in muddy fields all over Europe. I've had serious accidents and riden blissfull mountain passes.
But seeing your magazine with the most awesome photos of people "absolutly AVIN-IT!" has given me inspiration to look at riding bikes with compleetly new eyes.
Well done and full power to yer elbow.

User.One said...

Grand stuff, and all the best for the next year, men.

Tomfoolery said...

Great stuff, be seeing more of you in 2013.

Bubble Visor said...

Thanks guys, you're the best.
Go Sideburn!