Wednesday, 12 December 2012

El Solitario Over-alls

Captain Simon, looking even more like an intrepid explorer, and Captain Haddock, wearing his new El Solitario selvage denim over-alls. Simon not only looks like, but actually is an intrepid explorer. He wrote the brilliant story of riding a Bultaco around a Falklands' warzone for Sideburn 11. BP 

UPDATE: I tried on one of these suits on a recent visit to El Solitario HQ. They're expensive, no doubt, but pretty wonderful.

1 comment:

rustyli150 said...

i love that!

I do however find myself questioning the utility of the aforementioned garment in off-white and would havd to plump for the indigo in a purely practical purchase.

Aesthetically though the white takes the ribbon.

Right what can i rob, sell or swap to get one of these bad boys...