Saturday, 15 November 2014


In case you haven't already seen it. This is from On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter, but Skullcandy's edit (they're one of Robbie Maddison's sponsors).
He's dropping the equivalent of a 20-storey building.
Keep an eye out of the seamless tyre change.

Thanks to Dael for the tip-off. G


-BaRoN- said...

Holy moly !

OILY RAG said...

That looks terifieing .

Nick said...

Bludy Hell!!!

Hot Shoe said...

Amazing. It still amazes me that people do that with just a 2.5 metre carbon plank strapped to each foot. Whether it's a Motorbike or Skis, both look very scary to me.

Unknown said...

Bloody hell, awesome stuff. The tyre changes remind me of Mission: Impossible 2 :D