Monday, 10 November 2014

Tom Egan

I recently interviewed Pennie Smith, the rock photographer who shot, among many other great images, the cover of The Clash 'London Calling'. During a short research session I watched a French TV show from the early-1980s that went to visit the NME's offices and interviewed Smith.
They show a clip of The Clash with this incorrect caption. Do you know what song they're really playing? G


LC8awesomeness said...

Gotta asume that it's Tommy Gun...

Classic cock-up.

Got great memories of seeing the Clash at the Odeon here in Edinburgh in 1980, shortly after London Calling was released. Got backstage after the gig and watched Paul Simonon pretend to shag his bass on the floor!
Still got their autographs on a paper plate somewhere. Top band.

footlooselizzy said...

Thats my favourite album cover.
There is a great exhibition on at Sommerset house , charring cross, London. Chris Stein / the advent of punk.

Me an Mrs Oily popped in there to have a look on Sun and i was well impressed. defiantly worth check out.
Oily rob