Sunday, 29 March 2015

Highland UPDATED

What ever happened to the Highland flat tracker? Did any complete bikes make it to the competition circuit? The American owned company, born from the original Swedish brand in 1997, now only makes engines rather than whole bikes. BP

From Jan-Willem and Tom of the Dutch Brothers...

Tom did some research on this and more know more details and accuracies 

I spoke to the owner at the Intermot or EICMA during the period the XR1200 was launched (2009?) This prototype was build by Dale Lineaweaver, the same person who build Kenny Noyes formula USA-winning Husaberg. 

That's most likely the connection for this project. 

Highland modified the bike, put it on 18" (streetlegal) tires and made some ugly bodywork on it.

At some point the found an American investor and made big plans. They built a new factory in america and shortly after all key people crashed in a little air plane.


Anonymous said...

The bike still exsists , i saw it in Daytona at a show a few years ago !
Talked to the Guys there and they said still no plans to build them ...
Steve Redmax .

bikegrim said...

They had a pretty trick 450 supermotard as well. Though I never saw one of those race. I think I remember reading that the flat-tracker was raced in a couple of European club level supermoto meets a good few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Dale Lineaweaver is now a principal tech at Alta Motors, overseeing development of their electric MX racers!