Sunday, 8 March 2015

Husky Street Tracker

From Piet in the Netherlands...

I got interested in Flat track racing after a demo in Eenrum (Holland). Talked there to Jan-Willem [of the Dutch Brothers] and build my own Husky flattrack racer (streetlegal) see pictures. I did a race in Zolder Belgium and went with a bought real FT racer (Jorisson/ Wood Honda) to a two-day racing event in Amman Valley. 

I crashed over there, visited the hospital and as being 53 years I tought it was better not to race again. Now I do a training once in a while. My Jorisson Wood-Honda will this year be ridden by Erwin Mulder in the Dutch Flat Track competition. 

So, I am very interested in FT racing; and if you are on the internet, you see Sideburn. I follow the side-blog already for a long periode. Never took the time the buy Sideburn magazine until last week. Do not regret it so far.

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