Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Sideburn 20 - available for Pre-Order

So, regular Sideburn blog readers will know we are a small team and we offer the magazine as a pre-order a few days before it arrives. This is so we can get jiffy bags labelled ready for the mag's arrival without dealing with an avalanche of orders. And it means we can then send it out as soon as possible.

The magazine is due to land on March 9th. If you order anything with your issue 20 it will all be sent together.

Issue 20! Who'd have thunk it? It's taken a relatively long time to get here, since our launch in 2008, but I never imagined making two of them, never mind 20.

We're still a tiny niche within a niche, but we're still doing things our way. Thanks for your support, all those who've ever bought something and all those who've contributed stories, photos or help along the way.

Order Sideburn 20 at the Sideburn shop.
Remember, every order from us gets a free sticker.

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COVER STAR: Drake McElroy
BIKES: Baer Racing KTM 1000 GNC racer; Honda CRF450 cafe motard; Maico Mega 2 490; Suzuki Boulevard fat tyre desert racer; 1930s Norton Dirt Track; Trackmaster Titan 500; Yamaha XS650 street tracker
PEOPLE: Jared Mees; Ian 'Tiddler' Turner; Dimitri Coste; Stu Egli; Marc Marquez
PLACES: Barcelona; Black Rock Desert, Canterbury; Misano
PAGES: 100


Kirk said...

Why won't the pre-order ship to the United States? Or is it just me? Bastards.....

Sideburn Magazine said...

It was an admin (operator) error.
Thanks for pointing it out.