Monday, 22 June 2015

Dirt Quake USA: Thanks everyone!

Dirt Quake USA is over and, some how, everyone survived.
There aren't many race events where people feel safer on the track, but it got properly crazy at times. Not 'wearing a funny hat' crazy, 'police cars and ambulances at 2.30am' crazy.

See photos and videos here #dqusa

Massive thanks to See See Motorcycles for making it happen and all our sponsors, especially Harley-Davidson. H-D arranged for some great hooligan racers to come up from So. Cal and beyond, including The Rusty Butcher crew, Helder form Roland Sands, the Suicide Machine Co boys and a big Speed Merchant gang.

We had a lot of great supporters:

Icon One Thousand
Moto Factory PDX
Red Clouds Collective
W&W Cycles
Stump Town Coffee
Hop Valley Brewing
Kamp Grizzly
Big thanks to everyone who came out and either raced or spectated, too. There were a lot of good people who'll be talking about Dirt Quake for quite a while.

The high quality event poster is available directly from

Next up is Dirt Quake IV in the UK. The race classes are all sold out, but we have camping and plenty of room for spectators, so make come along and try make the UK event as memorable as the USA (but no police cars, please). G

1 comment:

Harley said...

"Police cars and ambulances"? Looking through the Instagram shots you were lucky not be visited by the Fire Brigade, the FBI, the Samaritans and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Nice to see the participants taking the concept of protective clothing so seriously!

Looks like a rip roaring success.