Thursday, 11 June 2015


Please can you circulate the news that my beloved street tracker Honda FTR 223 that I imported from Japan and built up over the last 11 years was stolen outside my studio in Brixton, London, this afternoon.
Registration: PL03 AYD
Please report it to the police [or leave a note here on the SB blog]. Has SuperTrapp exhaust on the right side, the big air filter is not attached properly at the moment, sticky left grip. Death Spray Custom sticker on the front Forks.
Someone managed to start it and ride away. Clever f***er.....
Kind Regards Mark


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This one?

Anonymous said...

the only other sniff of an original FTR in the UK was in eastliegh just east of sothampton

either offer a decent enough wad to make a asshole grass on a fellow asshole or get another on and show a gps down a picee of frame tubing

im in vietnam could likely throw ontp a shipment hedig for the will be in good nick but dooooooooont have time to fart around geting you se[[[[[[ertra[s r the like....jesus this keyboard

tpfayi thnk iahevd ece

let me srat that again

today is the day i have decdedto completely fuck off laptops in favour of handheld apple tabs ...failing tht get a job a s aroad sweeper

am only writing this here cos i have been building my own FTR in vietnam for 3 years in what i call my never ending project....would be fucking gutted if it got robbed..this guys stolen ftr has moved me to this gesture ....will require visa and samco bus ticket to cambodia..,,,semicrap hotel 2 nights,,,,..any fuckups wont be mine and as such i take zero responsibility for a business owner i dont make fuckups too often.....i dont know what that crap is at he bottom...has it now got to the point if i am not involved in something that forces me to sign in via google somehow im a robot?

Anonymous said...

soeey forget

just in case the guy ever reads this