Friday, 5 June 2015

Sideburn 21 - Pre-order

Sideburn 21 is expected next week. If you would like to pre-order, that will help us get your magazine to you as soon as possible.
Sideburn magazine has evolved again. Long-time readers will know that issue 1-10 was one size, 11-20 was bigger. Now issue 21 is bigger again. Our thinking is, if you're not moving forwards, you risk going backwards. And while we do that on the racetrack from time-to-time, we didn't want to do it with our beloved magazine.

Changes for issue 21:

  • New bigger format. Wider and taller.
  • Still as handsome but now more useful with a How To from GNC front runner Johnny Lewis.
  • Handpicked New Products section.
  • New price of £6. Our first price increase since 2010. 

Subscribers will avoid this price increase. And you can still take advantage of our most recent subs offer - EIGHT issues and a free Sideburn Bultaco Astro line drawing T-shirt (see below) at the old subs price. That's two years worth of Sideburn delivered to your door. The T-shirt will be delivered with your first issue. Make sure you choose the correct size T-shirt when you order. This is the only way to get this T-shirt design, it won't be sold separately online.

UK price - £50
Europe price - £68
Rest of World - £80

All prices include delivery, so you're guaranteed to not be affected by cover price or postage increases. We still offer three issue subs too.

If you're an existing subscriber, we are offering upgrades to this deal. Email us for details at dirt @ giving your name AND address.

Go to the Sideburn webshop to pre-order or subscribe.

1 comment:

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Great new format, big size! Much better for spread pictures. Best reminder ever that subscription run out with cool post card! Good delivery timing on a dull Monday! Thanks!