Saturday, 2 January 2016

Skijoring Freaks

This came in from Karl in Austria, reacting to a post from last week.

The video from 1953 in Tyrol is great. 

I am from Upper-Austria. Skijöring has been very popular all around our area till the beginning of the 1970s. Safety was not that much in the forefront. It was more or less all about speed and giving gas. More and more laws and terms by the government, uncomprehending neighbours and also a lack of snow made it pretty difficult and expelled the Skijöring freaks. 
That's a really big pity. I have sent pictures of Skijöring in my area. 

Greetings from Vocklabruck. 


Kirk said...

That last picture- brilliant looking bike (and bloke). Yes Skijoring....

Hot Shoe said...

I first saw skiers towed by bikes in the 70s at Assen at the Ice Speedway World Final during an interval. First about 4 came out each towed by a KTM motocrosser then a couple of braver ones came out towed by pukka Jawa Ice Racers. It was carnage. Straw bales were all over the place as slier after skier crashed into the bales. It was surreal.