Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Dick and Dave in da house!

If we were ever going to be confused with a professional organisation, these latest shenanigans have blown it.
I advertised a bunch of colours in the new merch that we decided not go for in the end. But the Ts and hooded sweats have arrived and look fantastic. The long-suffering Kar Lee updated the website, but now is away on a road test, so that's out of date too.
So, we have...

Dave T-shirt in
Blood red, knuckle white, dirt brown and electric blue. Sizes S-XXL

Dick hooded sweat in:
Navy blue, chocolate brown, steel grey and blood red. Sizes S-XL

All on heavyweight Gildan. All have front and back prints.

Sorry for the confusion. The Dave shirts almost look 3D the James Ball design is so vivid. Order now to avoid disappointment.
Our T-shirt printer is a mate of Ben's and tells us we're crazy doing so many colours in such small numbers. But if we had a business plan we wouldn't be trying to make a flat tracker/street tracker/WTF? magazine now, would we?
Also, we still have limited numbers of Indian Girl hooded sweats and long sleeves and Gene shirts in black. GI

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Paul said...

Cool FT garbs... nice trophies too!