Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Aguante Atlanta! Aguante Leeds!

More from Alejo in Argetina. It's a follow up to this post. It's nothing to do with motorcycles (they'll be along again later), but I love the fact Alejo is from Buenos Aires, home to legendary Boca Juniors, and he still chooses to support the third division, Atlanta.

So you are a Leeds man? Well, here are some pics of "la cueva" ( it means "the cave"). Here you'll find the ATLANTA gang, and as you can see we share the yellow/blue colors. In the "bombo" (the big marching style drum) you can read "bohemios" , the Bohemians. It's the nickname for all the Atlanta fans, and that's the bombo that goes to all the matches.
There are no cool bikes in this pictures but that's me reading SB#4, to my left and right two generations of bohemians. Hope you like them.

(very hard to translate "aguante" but it comes from the verb "to hold" or "to bear" it's commonly use in futbol to describe what the fans do for their team it is use as GO LEEDS or GO ATLANTA , it also means that your team holds their colors against the others)
Free Spanish lesson ha!
Have a great year to all at sideburn!!!

Incidentally, I was just looking at the Argentinian league tables and Banfield have won the league. Newell's old Boys came second. Who? And WHO!?
UPDATE: Below is the badge of Newell's Old Boys. It's probably going to upset Alejo, putting a rival team's badge on this post, but you've got to love NOB.

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