Monday, 28 December 2009

Recycle Innovations by by TOTTIMOTORI & MARCHINGEGNO

Roberto of Totti Motori just sent this to us...

Recycle is a new way to transform your bike into a Special.
It is an idea based on the simplicity to change parts whenever you want. In a very easy way you’ll be able to ensemble the look that pleases you more, interpreting your bike like you please, making it yours only, simply unique.
The kits made by Recycle are produced recycling original parts. Other parts are made with fiberglass. All to keep prices low and in order to be interchangeable and to obtain in this way a total personalization.
With Recycle you can chose between two versions: Cafè-Racer or Scrambler.
The modularity of the parts implies an infinite number of versions and colorings that you will be able to change at your please. Even every day ,easily, in your home.
The tank color is obtained applying on it a fiberglass cover, perfectly matching and of the color you have chosen.
The “two into one” muffler by Recycle has thought of three possibilities of mounting: all with one silencer, high, low and intermediate.
The seats are produced recycling the original base and can be mounted as single seat, single + bags, single+ painted tail, or double. Also the original wheels can be substituted with new ones with tubeless rims by Recycle.
The Recycle parts can fit only Ducati 93/2005 model Monster, which is one of the bikes more sold and in production since 1993.
Your Recycle motorcycle can be totally taken apart. Once painted the frame and the engine elaborated it will be remounted by hands in the configuration of your choice.
Roberto Totti

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giannis said...

i hate to be the first.... but those bikes look bad... i would rather keep my monster stock than look like chinese knockoff...

I really try to be positive on this idea but my eyes hurt...