Tuesday, 22 December 2009

JoMoCo Triumphs

Dan Walsh, turned us on to these modern Triumphs built by JoMoCo. I think they're the same people who were a Melrose Avenue T-shirt brand, who bought the trading name from Bud Ekins, and made the best motorcycle book I've ever seen (40 Summers Ago), but I'm not sure. They don't mention any of that modern stuff in their history.
I think the bikes look great, but how many more times is Steve McQueen going to be wheeled out to sell retro stuff?
Anyway, we wish them luck. GI


Anonymous said...

I think they look great too... especially the Desert Sled... but when I first saw the JoMoCo site a week or two ago I thought exactly the same thing regarding the 'wheeling' out of Steve McQueen.

Then I laughed quietly to myself about how the modern "bike shop" doesn't really sell bikes but lifestyle accessories, and how else are they going to recruit the suitably cashed up and style conscious clones that buy bikes like this off the rack...

By Hand and By Brain said...

I WANNA RACE DAMMIT!! steve wants me to race. sorry. The bikes are nice tho.


Skylar said...

Off the rack indeed. No thanks

YZ400BEN said...

Still look like they weigh a ton and a half. Don't fancy Bud Ekin's chances of getting any of those new gen trumpets over that wire!

Anonymous said...

i think the scrambler looks mega, would love to tool around on that.
with a spare set o 19's would race it aswell.
stevie 28

Anonymous said...

Johnson Motors was a bike dealer 40 yrs ago and the name was bought by a couple of guys who then opened Johnson Motors in Pasadena which mostly sold T shirts and books and tried to be like Glory Sales and Service.

They tied in with fashion partners, made shit loads of $$ and have now moved to Melrose (cheesy fashion central in LA)

Don't think Bud Ekins owned JM