Sunday, 9 December 2012

2013 Zaeta DT

Dave Skooter Farm and I went to Milan a few weeks ago and these are the first photos I've got around to blogging. Zaeta had a stand at the enormous EICMA Show and were showcasing the 2013 updates for their DT street tracker.
The tank and seat unit have both changed. The seat is a very tasty carbon unit, a good, if subtle development of the typical street tracker seat.  The tank is still very angular but has more capacity. There are two specs of Zaetas in these photos.
The one with the gold frame has RWU forks, a Vibram branded seat cover and a stubby Termignoni pipe that the Italian exhaust specialists made for DT. Zaeta are a tiny company, but they are very highly regarded by some bigger players in the North Italian motorcycle manufacturing belt.
The bike below has Öhlins front forks (all Zaetas have an Öhlins rear shock). It also has a cool multi-bulb front light and a different style Termi system.

This bike is a fully homologated, small production run bike, not a one-off special. That means it's legal across Europe, where laws for modifying bikes are very tight. We featured the Zaeta story in Sideburn 11 if you want to find out more. G
Zaeta founder, and one of the co-owner's, Paolo Chiaia - a great friend and regular collaborator.


Garrett302 said...

I dig!!! I want one.

Garrett302 said...
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Garrett302 said...

...and a Zaeta race bike too

Pan Sławek said...

what's the tires ? company, model ? said...

That looks brilliant! Gutted I missed it at the show.