Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Jens' BMW

From Jens in Stockholm...

I'm hoping you're having a great summer!
It's finally rideable. Not ready, but rideable. And here's proof of how much I like Sideburn!

It was under heavy influence from Wrenchmonkees #9 that I built this. The rear subframe has been shortened 4" and a new seat was hand sewn after Japanese customs. New shocks from Hagon and open Minizooms complete the look. Essentially I'd like something to the tune of Death Spray Customs for a paint job but I might settle for graffiti.
I am looking at a new fork with double discs, a new headlight, new smaller battery, new headlight and new handlebars and controls. Then we'll see. Hopefully next summer.

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Grym ride!