Monday, 16 August 2010

Racefit Z1

This is Jon at Racefit's latest Zed. It was photographed by Paul Bryant (who shot SB6 cover) for the current issue of Performance Bikes (on sale for another week or so). The seat was sculpted and covered by Steve at Lucky 7 Moto. He also did a great job of covering Project FT's single seat. Oh, and this is his Katana (also shot by Paul Bryant). Contact Steve through steve @ (take out the spaces). He's based in Northamptonshire, England. GI
PS If you want to post the shot of Jon's Zed please link back to us. Thanks


User.One said...

Hoping to receive my seat this week...

Anonymous said...

nice pair of muscle bikes.

KrookStreetRacing said...

That Kwak is just about the nicest motorcycle I've ever seen.

Liked Gary's article in PB too. First time I've seen the expression "belly button piercing went septic" in a bike mag:-)

In fact: the "Obsession" series is my favourite part of PB. Kudos.