Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ozark Mountain Scramble

From Captain Awesome at Mulligan Machine...

I figured you guys might be able to post this up on your blog and get the word out to other like minded budget builders/riders. Inspired by the 555 for the past few years, me and a buddy decided to start a similar run of our own. The route has been chosen, and will be a 3 day scramble throughout the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. Anyone who meets the criteria below are welcome to join. We decided to change some things up a bit, but the initial concept is the same as the 555.

* 1980 or older motorcycle
* spend less than a total of $1000 on the purchase, build and prep
* total displacement of motorcycle cannot exceed 750cc

For more information check out the blog here------>CLICK


Diplomate said...

that is a dead cool motorcycling look - gary you've got to try it on the track and see if it helps.

Anthony Brown said...

Whos up for a UK Version next summer?

Nick said...

Sounds great to me