Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Ducati 999 Beach Racer video

We told you about the Ducati 999 Beach Racer a while ago. Well here's a video. I think it'd struggle to win at Mablethorpe, though. Some of those fellas are seriously dialled-in. GI
Via OttoNero


Mick P said...

How many cliches can you fit into one short commentary? And, you know, a straight followed by a tight turn round a cone followed by a straight? Well, it must be a buzz, but I know what you're saying about the Mablethorpe bunch, GI.

Nick said...

I think the film getting it cleaned would have been interesting, and long.....what's the point could have thought of much better uses for the donor bike, but if nothing else it's created enormous publicity for them

Diplomate said...

far too quiet i'm afraid - and no flames !!!! The moody sky and desolate beach almost make up for the disappointment

Anonymous said...

a cleaning nightmare!.
crap vid, should've been on an oval.