Sunday, 22 August 2010

SR Drag Racing in Bangkok

Hi Sideburn
I'm Tam from Thailand, I'm one of Sideburn mag's fans and I just wanna exchange the information about Motorbike racing in Thailand. Last weekend we've Yamaha Drag Racing in Bangkok and our team have been participated. BTW, our team got the first runner award.
-Vespidae club Thailand


jinda said...

Definitely love it ! good job guys :)

Skylar said...

I'm flickr friends with some of these cats, they love the SR over in Thailand.

Horspool Robot Sculpture said...

Your photographer is very talented, as well as the bike builders too. Great fun.

Mick P said...

Superb. Some really tidy bikes and, as Horspool RS said, good photography. Thanks Tam.

Round Skidy said...

Thanks for you guys comment, Loves to share the same intention with you.

Tam, Thailand