Monday, 20 February 2012

The Albion

Dave Skooter Farm picks up this magazine for me at the legendary Alan's in Wigan. The Albion is a BMX magazine packed full of goodness. I haven't ridden a BMX since I was 14, but this magazine is so lovingly put together I always find something to read, plus I just like having it around and some of the photos stop me in my tracks. It's 100-plus pages, big format, perfect bound, totally inspirational and it's FREE. Eh? It's a tightrope to make a magazine relying on advertising, so it's great their industry is supporting them (that's not a dig at motorcycling, we have some very supportive advertisers, huge thanks to them).
Viva The Albion. If you're in the UK and like either BMX or magazines, or both, find out who your local stockist is. You can pay to subscribe to it too, it's worth it. G


Domagoj Kuna said...

Looks great!
They said "Don't subscribe!" so I didn't.
...I did get a sticker, though :D

Austin said...

got every issue of this, amazing magazine and a total inspiration