Sunday, 5 February 2012


(Guy you should avert your eyes now)
Artist Grayson Perry makes our tweed outfits and irreverent dance moves look positively sombre and mediocre. 500 years ago they would have probably burnt him at the stake for being 'too colorful' but today he is heaped with accolades. I can appreciate a lot of motorcyclist deem his Battistini built bike a stomach churning abomination. I'm not normally a fan of the S&S fakey knucklehead but here it's perfect, it's a masterpiece. I took my kids to see his new show at the British Museum in London, where he was given free access to their whole collection of globally looted artifacts, to hang alongside a selection of his own work, old and new. It's like Eduardo Paolozzi on E. It's phenomenal. BP


Harley said...

And, for any doubters out there, the bike was ridden by Mr Perry to Germany and back. Sidewinds and tight corners were a bit of a problem however.

He's a hero in my book as he has a very low opinion (fully justified in most cases) of the modern world in general and most of the "art world's" occupants in particular - head to

for a surreal journey through the eyes of 50 year old teddy bear.....

Guy@GK said...

Too late... I read it.

Would love to take that engine, transplant it into a proper motorcycle then ride it at high speed into a pile of Grayson's 'pottery'.

I too have a low opinion of the modern world... Turner prize-winning art in particular.

Peter said...

Actually an Accurate Engineering 93ci knuck, I ordered mine together with Grayson and I opted for the 103ci. I took all the studio promo shots for him, lots of detail shots of individual components that you are welcome to have gratis if you should ever want some.


Hairy Larry said...

Man's definitely a trip. I'd like to see the expressions on people's faces as he roared by on that bike!