Sunday, 19 February 2012

Deus Venice Beach Opening Report

We were invited, but couldn't make it to the opening of Deus Ex Machina's Venice Blvd store, but David Death Spray Custom was in the neighbourhood and kindly said he'd report on it on our behalf, so here, an exclusive words, photos and captions opening night report for Sideburn's blog by DSC. Thanks D...

Deus Ex Machina's newest joint opened last night in Venice Beach, LA; The Emporium of Post Modern Activities. As a Sideburn reader, like myself, you're more than familiar with the brand, but never seen it up close. So what's the deal?
There's probably no other brand on the block that can put a retail experience together like this together, looking like it's been around for decades while still being fresh and relevant. The building is like the brand, holistic without being forced, a bike place to take the mrs without feeling like a douche. The night was a bit of a who's who, actors, rock stars mixed with a lot of moneyed slackers (that must have took ages to get their hair perfectly disheveled) and the night could be summed up best by the smells in the air, a mixture of Commes Des Garçons aftershave, gourmet coffee and weed, with a touch of tyre smoke at the end.

PS The flowers are everywhere because it was a florist before Deus took over. G
Stevie Gee hiding
Jordan Hufnagel's personal ride
This is Orlando Bloom's big-bore SR500, the Mono, as featured in Sideburn 4 (this isn't a DSC caption. All the others are). G
Newest place in town to get SB
HFL's Sean Smith recovering from an accident in style.
DSC best in show of the bike car park, battle hardened NSR 250
1001 Venice Blvd


Anthony Brown said...

Looking Good. I will be visiting the weekend after next. Cant wait!

RocketGarage Magazine said...

In Benzin Veritas !

Steve said...

love the shot of the bikes outside in contrast to the passing can-bus assisted modern tin boxes driving past.

bobx said...

the 'hypno-tank' is the shit!

Rosco said...

My bro just brought the Blue and orange Deus bike in the pic, should be in the UK by the end of the summer.

Rosco said...
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