Saturday, 4 February 2012

Joe Kopp's Pike's Peak Triple

Joe Kopp has been busy since retiring from the full-time GNC racing. We knew he'd been competing in the US XR1200 race series, but his assault on Pike's Peak passed us by. This is the bike he did it on. He had the record-breaking time, till the Ducati Multistrada of Carlin Dunne beat it later that day (though the lap record was always going to get beaten as the track has a higher proportion of tarmac every year, and this year, we're told by friends who race there, it's going to be 100% tarmac, no dirt).
The bike looks a bit too 'German streetfighter' to me, with that aggressively chopped rear, but it's still good to see a name like Latus getting involved.

Sideburn heroes Eddie Mulder and Dimitri Coste also appear in this slick (corporate) video.
I wonder how Guy Martin would do at Pike's Peak. Suzuki US could have quite a story on their hands, if they sorted a bike for him.

Photos from Asphalt & Rubber. Thanks to Simon for the tip. G


Simon Whitworth said...

In my opinion the Multistrada should have been disqualified for being so damn ugly.

Nick said...

Love the bike, sorry G, just does it for me, awesome event, but yes I think it's a shame that they have tarmaced so much of it and looks like they will finish it before next years event

Sideburn Magazine said...

Nick, No need to apologise for liking a bike. We like likers. Liking, generally, is good. G

747 said...

goose bumps