Monday, 13 February 2012

Dirt Quake Events Page

Sideburn's Entertainments Officer, Dave Skooter Farm (below, at Friday's Stags show in Liverpool), has set up a Facebook events page for Dirt Quake. Find it at Dirt Quake Events Page.
We'll update everything here and there.
The picture above is some of Finland's chopper racers. We're looking for a bit of this spirit at Rollerburn, so get your entries in. Just £15 to enter the chopper, inappropriate road bike or street tracker classes. Limited spaces, even fewer regulations and Sideburn goodie bags for all that race in these special classes. G

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Chris said...

I'm deffo up for riding the Enfield (IRB class), but I'm outta town soon for a couple of weeks... just to let you know in case I miss some updates.