Thursday, 2 February 2012

Photos in Helsinki

We like Finns.

Photo Harvest exhibition is a show gathered by 11 photographers to showcase last
summers trips. Photos from all over Finland and from all sorts of situations.
There's also seven choppers from seven really different builders in the area to show how its done in Finland these days. Bikes are listed above. address: GALLERIA , Pursimiehenkatu 26 c, Helsinki 15

Opening is on Friday 3. of FEBRUARY 19.00 and the showroom is open for the whole weekend.So if you're here for the motorcycle fair that weekend here's an good alternative for the plastic poop.
So if you are in town same time at HELSINKI Moottoripyörä näyttely(Helsinki
Motorcycle Fair 2012 in Faircenter Pasila) go to look great photos!

And on Sat 4. of February theres a party at the Road Weirdoes park. Hobo Junction is playing and bad biker movies during the day! address Kivihaantie 16, Kivihaka, Helsinki, Finland


Anonymous said...

now that looks dangerous!!.

Mick P said...

That's great sonny, your test is going very well. Now, just the U-turn to finish.