Friday, 15 May 2015

Deus Milano Bike Build-Off 1

Sorry for the delay in following up last week's Deus Milan Bike Build-Off post. We're flat-out here. Anyway, here are some of the bikes. Above, trackerised air-cooled Duke. Rough and ready for action. White fork legs though? No, grazie.

CZ lowrider with fantastic paint. Killswitch was a guitar style jack plug.
Another Ducati tracker, this one on 17in wets. Inspiration seems to be equal parts Lego, Lloyd Brothers and Petardo.
Loved this little Yam. It was really in the spirit of the competition: doing the most with the least. Tractor front tyre on the rear isn't going to win him a GP, but I bet it could do burn-outs till the tank ran dry. Owner had fabbed up a little underslung monoschock. Seat subframe was a single, central tube, with the tail light mounted in it. Loved the fishtail pipe mounted parallel to the road.
It ended up winning the competition.
 Latecomer on a V50.
 Styling. Do your own thing.
 Dagger Cycles neat Yamaha SRX.
 Monkey dripping in Japanese bolt-ons.
Federico from 2 Right Hands paint/ Dildo Society (don't ask) in Parma. Such a neat bike. Airbrushed painted, no stickers. If you're looking for a painter in Italy, look no further. 
2 Right Hands also painted this late model Yam XS. Neat Bandit behind it. Didn't get a better photo of the Suzuki though. Dumbo.
 Neat Honda 650 scrambler. Owner is pointing at tank.

This beast turned up. The Africa Twin Dakar rep wasn't what the organisers were looking for in terms of a Deus Build-Off bike, but it was still an eye-catcher.

More to follow when I get another half-an-hour. Don't hold your breath. G


Harley said...

I've looked at it, looked at it again, and love it but I'm still not sure how any normal shaped human being could ride that CZ without entering a world of pain.

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Nice bunch of bikes! Red duke travker looks great, neat and nimble! MZ paint!! :-)

OILY RAG said...

Phil Lynott looks good for someone who poped his clogs a while back.