Friday, 8 May 2015

Dirt Quake Poland?

Was absolutely nothing to do with Sideburn.

Here's the thing. We want to encourage people to get out and race their bikes, but Dirt Quake is Sideburn's name. It is not a generic name. The generic name is flat track or dirt track.

When we organise a Dirt Quake, it's with a proper racing club, at a proper international race track (King's Lynn in the UK, Castle Rock in the USA), with a proper medical plan and ambulances on site and all the public liability insurance we need to be above board. Motorsport is potentially dangerous, we want to minimise the risks as much as we can, while still having fun. 100% of the feedback we get says we do that. The Dirt Quake name is a guarantee of quality, not a catch all for riding mopeds in a field.

Our events look like spur of the moment, seat of the pants fun, but there has been months of planning and expense.

We are happy to inspire people to organise their own races or events, big or small. That's perfect, we couldn't get something together in Poland even if we wanted to, but think up your own event name, please.

Thanks to Ross and the Bike Shed for the tip-off.


JP said...

I think you've joined Kleenex and SkilSaw. That means it is going to be a fight to get people to not use your name to describe what they are copying from you. Even if you get the organizers to comply, folks are probably going to keep calling it that. The After Shock way of naming it in a related way is what I think you need to push the other organizations to do. Good luck on that, and I guess Congratulations on being such a great idea folks think to use your name in a generic form.
Success comes with its own set of headaches.

Anonymous said...

Please forgive, this was not the intention of receiving someone else's name. Several friends of the custom bobber forum decided to have some fun. The next year we'll do it under a different name. We apologize.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Thanks. Good luck with your event. G

Hairy Larry said...

Well said Gary, and Viva Poland for fessin' up and promising to do the "Right thing".