Friday, 8 May 2015

Harley-Davidson: Roll Your Own

Harley have recently pushed out new, exciting primetime TV ads. The 60-second spot features lots of names familiar to Sideburn: the Speed Merchant Street 500 from Sideburn 19; Chris Wiggins who rode the Speed Merchant Thresher for the Biltwell special edition cover of Sideburn 19; The Rusty Butcher who has just entered Dirt Quake USA; Aaron from Suicide Machine Co, who has written for the next issue, plus perennial favourite Nichole Mees (nee Cheza) riding on ice. Oh yeah, and Harley-Davidson are sponsoring this summer's Dirt Quake USA.

Advertising industry trade website say, 'There's a lot of text going on in both the print and broadcast work, with Twitter handles, brief and sometimes cryptic headlines, the #RollYourOwn hashtag and the URL. "The new creative is about each rider defining their independence and attitude, whether kicking up dirt on the track or sliding through the curves on ice," says Dino Bernacchi, U.S. marketing director at Harley-Davidson.


OILY RAG said...

Nice advert. It should appeal to a broad spectrum of bike riders

Harley said...

Or, for non-advertising folks:

HD are building bikes (and encouraging you to modify those bikes) that have nothing to do with their traditional cruiser/ bobber/ tourer machines.

Surely that's a good thing, right?