Thursday, 21 May 2015

Springfield Mile: This Weekend

After what seems like six months since the season opener at the Daytona double-header in March, the AMA Grand National Championship gets back under way at Springfield, Illinois this weekend. Here are some of the keys changes for 2015:

  • Former #1 Jake Johnson has moved from Ramspur Lloyd Brothers to Hart Racing Kawasaki.
  • Troy Bayliss and Johnny Lewis are on the Lloyd Brothers Ducati Scrambler 1000.
  • Mikey Martin has moved from Triumph to Weirbach Kawasaki.
  • Brandon Robinson is on the Bonneville Performance Castrol Triumph.
  • 2013 Rookie of the Year Jake Shoemaker on the Bonneville Performance Triumph.
  • Cory Texter is racing the new Yamaha USA 'factory' FZ-07-powered parallel twin.
  • Two-time Daytona 200 winner (and winner of the 2015 race) Danny Eslick is racing an XR750 at Springfield.
  • Nichole Mees (nee Cheza) has announced this will be her last full twins season.
  • Sammy Halbert has teamed up with legendary tuner Johnny Goad. 
  • Henry Wiles is with Zanotti (Coolbeth's teammate).
  • Top contenders Mees, Coolbeth, Brad Baker and Smith all stay with the same teams.
Plus the AMA will still work with to deliver live feeds of all the races and now they have Chris Carr giving expert analysis. The presenting team have back-up from Dani Medin, a former snowmobile racer with FHM-cover-friendly looks. At first I thought, come on, really? Then she started asking questions from a complete novice's perspective that made Chris Carr explain just why things happen the way they happen. Even if I knew some (not all) of the answers, Carr puts so much meat on the bones of what could be simple answers, it made it a great section in what could easily have been a boring wait for the racing to start. 

The Fan's Choice coverage is still not what you'd call high budget, but this year is a massive leap forward. It's stripped down and informative and the best blanket coverage the sport has ever had.
And because it's America you can hardly notice the subliminal advertising they have Chris Carr doing in some of the links (see above). But this is a buyer's market and flat track needs the coverage, so if Chris comes on dressed as Colonel Sanders and talks about a finger-lickin' move Stevie Bonsey put on Chad Cose, I'll still lap it up. G

UPDATE: Chris Carr will be selling Sideburn current and back issues in the pits at Peoria's All Star race and the All-Star race at Springfield on Sunday. Go buy a few.


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds great. Seems to be really taking off and a lot of investment of time and money going into the sport in America and the UK. Can't wait for Nicky Hayden to retire from MotoGP and get back to dirt track.

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

Carr to sell Sideburn! :-) That is great progress on your hobby project, guys! Happy to have seen it from the start and got them all.

Justin Calkins said...

Brandon Robinson is riding the Latus Motors Triumph Bonneville.

Jake Shoemaker is riding the Bonneville Performance Triumph Bonneville.

I think us Triumph guys will finally get some great results!!!

Sideburn Magazine said...

Hi Justin
Thanks for the correction. The Castrol bike has a Bonneville Performance chassis, right?

JamesJ said...

Love to see more of Flyin' Bryan's skinny kawa