Monday, 4 May 2015

Geoff's Jawa & Tiddler Turner

From Geoff D in Lincolnshire. I love old speedway bikes' asymmetrical bars.

As it was a nice day in Lincs today I took a few pics of my Jawa that may be of interest. 

The Tiddler Turner story [in Sideburn 20] was great and brought back a lot of memories. I put a link to Sideburn on the Speedway Friends facebook page where it got a lot of interest as he was a very popular rider. I saw Ian ride many times including the meeting I've attached photos to. 

The engine on the Jawa hasn't been started since a rebuild but I do plan to give it a spin at Scunthorpe. I just need an original throttle and it's about ready. 

I also have Shawn Moran's 1990 World Championship (which he was later disqualified from) runners up GM which i'm putting back to how it would have been on that season. It won't be concours as i also intend to give it a spin when it's finished. I'm trying to get all the correct stickers at the moment and there are a lot to get because he plastered it with sponsors stickers! When it's finished i'll send a pic. 
Cheers Geoff


Nick said...

Just love the look of that era of bike

Unknown said...

Beautiful example I am looking for one to fettle the uprights look so much better than the modern bikes!!!
Nice to see the picky of Bobby Beaton on the programme. Up the Vikings!!!!